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Battlefield 3 How To Unlock M1911 S-Tac Assignment Of Mortgage

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When players begin the single-player game in Battlefield Hardline, they start the campaign with the 92FS and P226 pistols, the T62 CEW Eletroshock Weapon and finally, the Nightstick, Police Baton and Collapsible Baton. Of course, this barely scratches the surface of the many weapons and cool items they’ll unlock as they beat Episodes and Case Files.  

This guide will tell you how to unlock all of the weapons in Battlefield Hardline. In addition, we’ll provide the best ways to unlock camouflage as part of your Tactical Gear

To unlock weapons in Hardline, you must arrest suspects with warrants, look for evidence, complete objectives and beat enemies using non-lethal methods. Doing this earns you points the game applies to an overal Expert Score. The more points you have, the more items will unlock.

Expert Level and ScoreUnlocked Weapons, Gagdgets, Attachments
Expert Level 1, 2,000 PointsCZ-75 Pistol, M1911A1 Heavy Pistol
Expert Level 2, 3,000 Points37 Stakeout Shotgun
Expert Level 3, 3,000 PointsGas Mask, Armored Insert, Ammo Box, First Aid Pack
Expert Level 4, 4,000 PointsMP5K SMG, P90 PDW, MPX SMG
Expert Level 5, 4,000 PointsNew Attachments for Cop Primary Weapon
Expert Level 6, 5,000 PointsSR-25 ECC Sniper Semi-Auto, R700 LTR Sniper Bolt Action, SOCOM16 Sniper Semi Auto
Expert Level 7, 5,000 PointsNew Attachments for Cop Secondary Weapon
Expert Level 8, 6,000 Points.44 Magnum Revolver, Bald Eagle Heavy Pistol, .40 Pro Heavy Pistol, .410 Jury Revolver
Expert Level 9, 6,000 PointsBreaching Charge, Laser Tripmine
Expert Level 10, 6,000 PointsNew Attachments for Criminal Primary Weapon
Expert Level 11, 6,000 PointsGolf Club Melee, Baseball Bat Melee, Blackjack Melee, Lead Pipe Melee, TEC-9 Machine Pistol
Expert Level 12, 7,000 PointsDouble-Barrel Shotgun, SPAS-12 Shotgun
Expert Level 13, 7,000 PointsNew Attachments for Criminal Secondary Weapon
Expert Level 14, 7,000 PointsG36C Carbine, AKS-74U Carbine
Expert Level 15, 7,000 PointsPTR-91 Sniper Semi-Auto, AWM Sniper Bolt Action, 300 Knockout Sniper Bolt Action, SAIGA .308 Sniper Semi Auto

In addition, you can scan evidence to unlock seven case files, which results in the following weapons and Silver Battlepack. 

Case FileUnlocked Weapons
The Hot Shot FileSilver Battlepack, .357 RS Revolver, .38 Snub Revolver
Hot Shot Supply ChainSilver Battlepack, HCAR Battle Rifle, SCAR-H Battle Rifle
The Elmore Hotel InvestigationSilver Battlepack, G18C Machine Pistol, 93R Machine Pistol
Internal AffairsSilver Battlepack, R0933 Carbine, M416 Assault Rifle, SG533 Carbine
Power PlaySilver Battlepack, HK51 Battle Rifle, SA-58 OSW Battle Rifle
The Boomer ConnectionSilver Battlepack, UZI SMG, K10 SMG, FMG-9 SMG
Preferred OutcomesSilver Battlepack, M240B LMG

Kill enemies and you can pick up their weapons and add these guns to Tactical Gear. 

Weapon or GadgetWhere to Find it
870P Magnum ShotgunCriminals drop it in Episode 1: Back to School. You'll also find it on a table inside a silo in Episode 8: Sovereign Land.
45T Heavy PistolBad guys drop it in Episode 3: Gator Bait.
AKM Assault RifleBad guys drop it in Episode 3: Gator Bait.
G17 PistolIt's near a truck in a trailor park in Episode 8: Sovereign Land. Bad guys also drop it in Episode 1: Back to School.
M16A3 Assault RifleLook for it on a couch sitting on top of a trailer in Episode 8: Sovereign Land. In Domo Roboto basement in Episode 4: Case Closed.
M/45 SMGIt's in Episode 3: Gator Bait. When at the Gator Farm, hop into the airboat and go southwest to a dock. Climb onto the tower with the grappling hook, then look southeast to see another platform. Use the Zipline to go there.
MAC-10 Machine PistolCriminals drop this gun in Episode 2: Checking Out.
Scout Elite Sniper Bolt ActionEpisode 3: Gator Bait yet again. From the Nature Reserve, take the airboat south and go to the dock near the small island. Pull out the Grappline Hook to reach the ledge, then use the Zipline to access another platform to the east. The rifle is on a table.
UMP-45 SMGLook for it in the basement of Domo Roboto Warehouse after killing some bad guys.
Grappling HookYou receive it in Episode 3: Gator Bait.
ZiplineYou receive it in Episode 3: Gator Bait.

Finally, beating Episodes unlocks multiple types of camouflage you may add to Tactical Gear.

EpisodeUnlocked Weapons and Attachments
Default CamoDefault, Zebra Bliz, Zebra Blaz, Zebra, Circuit, Rattlesnake, Visceral Dev.
Episode 1: Back to SchoolSolid Camos (Black, FDE, Green, Grey, Navy, Olive, Tan)
Episode 2: Checking OutForest Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 3: Gator BaitAviator Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 4: Case ClosedSnow Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 6: Out of BusinessHunter Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 7: Glass HousesDesert Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 8: Sovereign LandUrban Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 9: Independence DayJungle Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 10: LegacyExotic Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Finish All Episodes on CadetBronze Plated
Finish All Episodes on OfficerSilver Plater
Finish All Episodes on VeteranGold Plated


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