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Paginas Amarelas Case Study Solution Format


Infosistema’s professional services have successfully implemented more than 140 agile projects since 2004 in different contexts, dimensions and organizations. The OutSystems Agile Platform has been a key ingredient to the success of the implementation and adoption of Web applications within Infosistema’s customers, including CRM systems, websites, portals, intranets, processes and workflows. OutSystems has achieved continuous and consistent project success and objectives in numerous companies of different industries and sizes, delivering on-time, on-budget and high adoption web-based business support applications such as the ones described below.

Award Agility Winner
The Services Portal from Açoreana Seguros was designed and built to support the relationship and interaction between the claimant (insured or injured third party) and its Service Providers (with partnership contracts), allowing them to have a great usability experience and delivering an interface for information exchange in the pursuit of operational efficiency improvements. As the primary and preferred interaction channel between Açoreana and Service Providers, Services Portal makes available key information including current financial accounts for each service provider partnership. In addition the portal provides service related key performance indicators that contribute to the provider rating evaluation and influences the assignment of future service requests. .


The Van Ameyde Group implemented a system to support their European Claims Handling Processing business, in 16 countries. The solution supports the Van Ameyde clients universe of more than 350 insurance companies, in 12 languages and 6 different currencies. Merging all in a unique web system, reduced substantially the operation and evolutionary maintenance costs, diminishing by 30% the time of process resolution.


Infosistema supported Açoreana Seguros in the área of CIO Advisory and participated in the development of the Agents Portal (AçorNet), in several business support projects and integration with backoffice.


CA Seguros implemented, with the support of IKIS – Infosistema and Keep It Simple, an integration platform with COGEN (backoffice) to Template Management and a solution of Issue Management, based in OutSystems technology.


Infosistema, through IKIS partnership, supported Liberty Seguros implementing several projects, like, Claim Management; Contentious Management; Insurance Portfolio Reorganising Management; Registry and approval of employees.


OutSystems Software Factory
Support solutions for Business and Management processes

Software Factory OutSystems.
CRM Solution.

Sales Management Solution (ERP), OutSystems
Client Portal: portal.ticket.pt
Client Management (CRM)

Pharmacovigilance Management Solution and Sample Registry, in OutSystem platform, in intranet.

Request Management Solution (HelpDesk). Web J2EE Architecture
SAV Request Management Solution (Sales Support)
Client notifications: OutSystems

The Water and Waste Regulatory Authority implemented an unique infrastructure of OutSystems apllicational portals, including their institutional website www.ersar.pt, the access to online services by governed entities to optimized management and control of the monitorized services, like price check, quality KPY`s and water volume. Addicionally, the intranet portal includes several web applications that supports the process management, requisitions, documentation, employee directory and external entities, foruns, billing and others.


GNR Social Services:
Solution for management and reserve of common resources, in OutSystems platform, in intranet.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 2

2 Determining the Medium and Long Term Growth Rates 4

2.1 Growth in the Telephone Directory Industry 5

2.1.1 Competition 6

2.1.2 Demand for Telephone Lines 9

2.1.3 A Short Summary of the Growth Prospects in the Region 10

2.2 Estimation of the Growth Rates for Argentina 11

2.3 Estimation of the Growth Rates for Brazil 12

2.4 Estimation of the Growth Rates for Chile 13

3 Calculating the Cost of Capital 13

3.1 The Godfrey and Espinosa (1996) Model 14

3.1.1 Determining the Risk Free Rate 15

3.1.2 Determining βadj 15

3.1.3 Determining the Market Risk Premium 17

3.1.4 Determining the Credit Spread 17

3.1.5 Calculating the Cost of Capital 18

3.1.6 Criticisms of the Godfrey and Espinosa (1996) Model 19

4 Determining the Cost of Debt 20

5 Calculating WACC 20

6 Calculating the Present Value of Paginas Amarelas 21

6.1 Valuing the Argentinean Operations 21

6.2 Valuing the Brazilian Operations 22

6.3 Valuing the Chilean Operations 22

6.4 The Present Value of the Operations of Paginas Amarelas 23

7 Conclusion 25

8 Appendix A 27

9 Appendix B 28

10 References: 29

1 Introduction

The aim of this case study is to determine the value of Paginas Amarlas, and advise Brasil Investimentos what the appropriate action would be, given the information available to them in 1996. Expected future events and forecasting techniques, together with the company performance results are used to perform appropriate valuations. The options available to Brasil Investimentos would be the sale or restructuring of Paginas Amarelas.

In order to value Paginas Amarelas, future cash flows would need to be projected, a long run perpetual growth rate would need to be determined and the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) would need to be calculated using the...

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