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Discrimination Immigrants Essay

Discrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History Essay

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Discrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History

Fear is a great motivator in man. In the 1920s, immigrants were coming over to the United States in mass quantities. Most of these immigrants were from Southern or Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and Mexico. Because these groups differed in culture, race, and religion from the majority of White Americans, as the immigrant population increased, so did hostility and displeasure towards them. Italians made up 11.8%, or 550,460 immigrants between the years of 1920 and 1930 (Historical Statistics, 456). These people received an extraordinary amount of dislike as they differed from white America in so many ways. When people began immigrating to America at the rate of five thousand…show more content…

Organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan became much more prevalent during the 1920s, growing as large as 10 million members across the country. These groups exploited racist and xenophobic tendencies in Americans to induce people to join. They used such phrases in their propaganda like “America for Americans” that caught on quickly with a vast number of people (Byrne). Racism was one of the main causes of animosity towards Italians in America during the 1920s. Italians typically had darker skin that “old stock” Americans such as the English, German, and Dutch, so they were subject to much of the same discrimination faced in African-American, Asian- American, and Latino-American communities (Levinson 475).

Anti-Catholic sentiment was another basis for hostility towards Italian immigrants. Julia Byrne, in her article “Roman Catholics and the American Mainstream in the Twentieth Century” noted:

Anti-Catholic prejudice was alive and even rejuvenated in some quarters in the twentieth century. Protestant "fundamentalists" and other new Christian denominations revived anti-Catholicism as part of an insistence on "original," pre-Rome Christianity.
Americans, goaded on by hate groups, feared that Catholics would pay allegiance to their “foreign King” (the Pope) rather than their new country (Pencak, 110). Although there was a strong argument for this, as much of the Italian immigrant

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Immigration and Discrimination

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America has had discrimination against minorities for a long time and it will continue to have it until people treat minorities with respect. Discrimination is when people treat minorities bad because of their skin color, ethnicity and the place they were born. For immigrants, the problems they had to arrive in America were not a good experience only by the struggle to gain acceptance among the population. Most immigrants came to the U.S. to have a better life and give education to their children. Almost all immigrants have experienced discrimination at some point in their life and even some are still experiencing it today. Most Latinos don’t have a choice but to deal with it when they get discriminated because they know they are illegal.
Similarly, discrimination has been a form of hate against Latinos because of their color and because most people don’t really know the reason why immigrants come to America. The U.S. has benefited from immigration but it has also affected the U.S in some form. The U.S. has tried to stop people from coming into the country but some people like immigrants because we only come to work and get an education. Some people think that the United States is becoming a Hispanic nation (Ramos, 187). While racism remains a problem in America, it can be reduced or eliminated through effective laws and by stopping the Latino wave (Ramos, XVII) that has come to the United States. However, they can also stop it by actually accepting immigrants into the country. The U.S. discriminates Latinos without knowing the real reason why immigrants came into this country illegally.
Latinos face a lot of discrimination when they come to the united stated or they try to assimilate to the American culture. Most immigrants have to deal with the police investigating them because they think they are all drug dealers or are in some type of illegal organization. They also have to deal with people calling them names because of their skin color. Americans also accuse Hispanics of stealing their jobs (Ramos, 53). They also face seeing racist graffiti on homes or wall of a building and they have to face hate crimes (Plunkett, 15). They sometimes get excluded from white communities (Plunkett, 39). Latinos are also blamed for serious problems the country faces (Ramos, 195). There are reasons for Americans to discriminate Latinos and reasons why they shouldn’t discriminate them.
The United States doesn’t understand why Latinos really came to this country and they discriminate them without knowing the real reasons.

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Most Hispanics come to this country for several reasons but the most important one is to have a better life and provide an education for their children. Latinos want their kids to be someone in life and they know they can accomplish this in this country. They also enter illegally because they don’t have the money to enter legally and they know they will get discriminated even if they were legal. The United States would have legal Immigrants if the Latin countries didn’t have corrupt governments (Ramos, 153). Most Hispanic farmers have to come to the U.S. in order to continue to live off the land (Ramos, 58) and to have a job. Some of the illegal people come to mainly work in agriculture. Almost all the Latin countries are poor and they have a lot of corruption with either the government or the police stations.
Similarly, Latinos do the impossible things to come to this country and be able to stay without being discriminated. The United States doesn’t know that most immigrants prefer being discriminated badly in the United States and having a job than being treated badly in their own country and not having a job. They shouldn’t discriminate immigrants because they started to come to this country because they United States opened the doors to Latinos. They also helped Latinos come legally through the Bracero Program (Miller, 12) because most of the American workers didn’t like to work in agriculture. Most Hispanics come to work no matter how much they get paid or where they work. Latinos also risk their lives while crossing the border and while walking through the desert to come to this country and have better lives.
Additionally, the U.S. should let immigrants work here because they’ve helped it in different ways. The U.S. shouldn’t discriminate immigrants because Latinos are willing to at any low-paying jobs (Miller, 21). They have also helped the country by providing cheap labor at any job. Latinos have even made it possible for the U.S. citizens to have high standard of living by keeping their food and housing prices down (Ramos, 202). Immigrants shouldn’t get discriminated because they are helping the U.S. economy grow (Miller, 8). “The American economy definitely needs immigrants” (Ramos, 203) because they are making a positive change to this country. Most immigrants are known for hard working people and they deserve a chance to be in the United States without being discriminated (Miller, 19).
Similarly, Latinos deserve a chance to work here because they only care about having a job and an education for their children (Ramos, 119). “Immigrants do the needed work” (Williams, 47) that most Americans don’t want to do.
“Many undocumented immigrants…have earned access to legalization
By their hard work and demonstrably hard moral character” (Williams, 135).
Companies are the criminals not Latinos because they are the ones that hire them. Latinos are changing America and America is changing Latinos because many Latinos have lost their ability to speak Spanish and do other things they used to do (Ramos, 226). As the President George W. Bush said:
“Immigration is not a problem to be solved. It is a sign of a confident and successful nation….New arrivals should be greeted not with suspicion and resent me, but with openness and courtesy” (Ramos, 195).
Immigration is helping the United States become a stronger and better nation by helping minorities not discriminating them.
On the other hand, The United States is discriminating Latinos because it’s becoming a Hispanic nation and because Latinos are influencing the U.S. culturally (Ramos, 187). Immigrants are bringing their traditions, food and beliefs to this country. They are discriminated because we are turning some of the states to look more like a Hispanic country. Latinos are also discriminated because they are coming together in some of the states in this country. People are racist against immigrants because the Hispanic population is about 13.5 percent of the U.S. total population (Ramos, 239) and they want to deport them all. Latinos are also changing the U.S. into a multicultural country. People think that “within five years there will be no majority race in out largest state, California” because Hispanics are the largest minority in the country. They discriminate them because some don’t deserve being here.
Similarly, the United States doesn’t want immigrants because they come to do bad things and they don’t help it by committing crimes. Some Latinos come to the United States because they only want to bring drugs into the country (Plunkett, 66). They get discriminated because there is more criminal and drug activity because of immigrants. They also commit more crimes like smuggling and gang activity (Miller, 8). Most color people commit crimes against white people than whites against color people. They are also more minorities that are arrested than Americans. They get discriminated because Americans think they are all the same people and they bring drugs to the country.
Similarly, most immigrants don’t want to adapt to the American culture and some don’t do the same things Americans do. They get discriminated because some Latinos don’t have to pay taxes and Americans think it’s no fair for them to be living here without getting to pay taxes. They also taking the jobs from the Americans being undocumented and the government is not doing anything. The population in the U.S is growing fast each year because of illegal immigrants (Miller, 8). They get discriminated because most people think they are invading the United States (Ramos, 179). They believe that they have broken the law so they discriminate them. “Technically, they have broken the law. So in a very technical sense as law breakers you could define them as criminals” (Ramos, 196). They also break the laws by using false documents while they are here (Ramos, 52). Most immigrants have double identity to be able to work at different places. They get discriminated by Americans but there are other forms of stopping immigration than by discriminating them.
As a result, the United States passed laws to stop illegal people from entering the country without documents and by putting more security. Discrimination would stop in the U.S. if there were no color people in the country and by stopping immigrants to enter the country illegally. The U.S. border patrol is using technology to stop immigrants from crossing the border. They are also putting border patrol agents to make sure no one is entering the U.S. illegally. Americans think that “by restricting immigration we…will give to a large body of citizens a decent and comfortable standard of living” (Mary, 33). They United States also spend money on trying to spend a triple fence to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States without documents (Kallen, 91). The U.S. had a guess worker program to allow foreign workers to enter the country legally for a short time but most immigrants stayed and became illegal (Miller, 9). There are also other forms of stopping immigration and racism.
In addition, the U.S. had other forms of stopping the Latino wave (Ramos, XVII) and laws to stop it. Some American experts think that they want to reduce immigration by enforcing the U.S. immigration Laws (Miller, 55). The United States wanted to let more legal people come into this country and close all the doors to illegal people. They also passed laws that prohibited employers from hiring immigrants (Miller, 9) and they wanted to punish all the employers who hired them (Kallen, 81). Other people think that the only reason to stop it was by deporting all immigrants back to their countries. They passed the Immigration accord which it made it easy for the United States to know where all the immigrants were living at (Ramos, 210). They also passed the Amnesty law which allowed them to identify all of them (Ramos 210). There are laws to stop discrimination against illegal Latinos.
In the other hand, the United States made laws to stop discrimination against immigrants and to give them the rights they have in this country. People think that the only way to stop racism is to have separate white nation in this country (Plunkett, 102). Court decisions protect them from being discriminated and the court can make efforts for antidiscrimination (Plunkett, 18). The Constitution gives the right for immigrants to be treated equally because that’s one right Constitution gives to all its citizens (Ramos, 134). The Declaration of Independence gives the right to everyone of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Mary, 17) and this doesn’t give the right for Americans to discriminate immigrants. Immigrants shouldn’t be discriminated because of their skin color and ethnicity.
In conclusion, the United States should legalize all the illegal immigrants that come to work and not to do bad things in the country. The government should make more laws to stop illegal immigration and to stop discrimination against them. America should treat minorities with respect and they should accept the ones that only come to have a better life. The United States should make laws that force Latinos to adapt to their cultures and lets them keep their own cultures. They need to make a decision to stop racism because if racism remains a problem in America, it can be reduced or eliminated through laws and by stopping the Latino wave (Ramos, XVII) that has come to the United States. However, they can also stop it by actually accepting immigrants into the country. The United has two choices to stop discrimination and immigration in the country.

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