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The Best English Teacher Essay

Teaching students to write essays well can be a tricky task. It is so simple to assume that our incoming students are equipped with all of the tools necessary for writing various types of essays, but that thinking is not only flawed, it is detrimental for our students.
I remember way back in the day when I was in high school. My teachers simply assigned an essay, gave us a prompt, and set us on our merry way. Perhaps this wasn’t the norm for most people back then, and I surely hope that it wasn’t, but it always left me utterly confused. Our students need direction. Our students need guidance. Our students need step-by-step instruction.

When we assign our students essays, especially in the first semester of the school year, we need to make sure that we provide our students with all of the tools and information they could possibly need to write the best essay they can. And for essay writing, this means over teaching. So many of my students lack the skills needed to write a thorough topic sentence, and this isn't a skill that secondary teachers can just assume all of their students know.

My newest essay writing lesson series, Essay Writing Unit: Teaching Students to Master the Essay, was designed to help teachers break down the essay writing process into a step-by-step, multi-day instructional unit that empowers teachers to improve their essay writing instruction and enables students to feel more confident in their own writing capabilities.

After implementing this lesson series into my own classroom, I truly feel that this essay writing unit is the best of the best when it comes to essay writing instruction in the secondary classroom.

This series breaks down the essay writing process into manageable chunks: mastering the essay outline, the introduction and thesis statement, topic sentences and body paragraphs, the conclusion, and a final essay checklist. Each portion of this lesson series includes a PowerPoint presentation that is semi-editable provide teachers the opportunity to tailor the content to meet the needs of their individual classrooms and supplementary teaching materials and handouts for the students.

This lesson also includes step-by-step instructions and examples for students to use as mentor texts. For example, in the introduction and thesis writing lesson, I've included examples of what good thesis statements should look like. I've also included examples of poorly written thesis statements with explanations as to why each statement isn't so great.

When I teach essay writing to my students, I teach it as a process. We start with breaking down the essay prompt, brainstorming ideas (click here to read about how I facilitate group brainstorming), outlining the essay, drafting the essay, completing peer and self editing (click here to read about five foolproof ways to conduct peer editing in your classroom), and finally publishing and finalizing the essay.

To preview my essay writing teaching style, you can download my Comprehensive Essay Writing Checklist for FREE! I use this checklist in my classroom as a self editing tool for students to complete before they turn in their final drafts.

This blog post is included in a Secondary ELA blog hop hosted by Secondary Sara. In this blog hop other amazing secondary ELA teachers discuss their best of the best lessons. Be sure to check out all of these posts to find engaging ideas, classroom-tested activities, and free resources that you can use in your own classroom!

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My prompt is to write about someone who has impacted my life and explain why and how they have.

Here is my essay. Can you tell me if it is any good. If so, could you point out some errors.:

People usually mention a person that they met early in their lives when you ask them to mention somebody that has impacted their lives. Well, not me. I actually met the person that has impacted my life relatively late in life. That person is my English teacher, Ms. Pearson. She was one of the only teachers that, through watching her, taught me how to be patient, caring, and empathetic. She has only been my teacher for about two years, but in these two years she has definitely impacted my life and even helped me decide what occupation that I would like to enter into, teaching. She is one of the best teachers that I have had because she applies herself differently depending on the student and the student's needs. With this quality, she has both impacted me and influenced me because it shows that she is versatile and that is something that I yearn to be.

I chose my English teacher, Ms. Pearson, because she is compassionate, and I have not seen many teachers like her. When one person in the class does not comprehend what is being taught, but everybody else does, she will make time to ensure that that one person does comprehend it before the class is given a test. She is also very organized and she arranges all of the assignments that she gives at the right times so that the student does not feel overwhelmed by all of the work. She is good at pacing herself and the class because she knows what subjects should be spread throughout the year so that we will remember more thoroughly and which subjects are simple and only need a week's worth of time. For example, we spent the whole year in 10th grade on word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. If we had spent a shorter amount of time on it, I most likely would have forgotten it. This shows that Ms. Pearson did not only impact my life, but she also impacted my education.

Before I met Ms Pearson, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life. In earlier years, I had my eyes set on being a teacher, but one of my past teachers told me that that wasn't the occupation for me because teachers didn't get paid that much and there were so many occupations out there that were open to me. That teacher convinced me to not be a teacher, so I went through a number of phases where I wanted to be different things. I guess you maybe wondering how I finally ended up with teaching. Well, that was all because of Ms. Pearson. She showed such a joy in teaching and brought that same joy to those she was teaching that she helped instill my dream of being a teacher. In conclusion, my English teacher, Ms. Pearson has impacted my life in many ways and she is also an example of the type of teacher that I would like to be in the future.

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