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Just War Theory

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Just War Theory

Questions About The War

I think the just war tradition is a great way to rate if a war is really worth fighting or is it really not worth fighting. For the first law Just Cause, yes I would say that we as the United States have just cause to end the terrorist attacks because it is really starting to get out of hand. The Second law Comparative Justice yes I would say that we have comparative justice because we have definitely suffered more than Afghanistan because we have lost many more people in their attacks than they have in any of our attacks. The Third Law Legitimate Authority is definitely being used in our country to begin our war against terrorism. Our highest rank is the president and he is the one that did declare war against terrorism.

The Fourth Law Right Intention, yes I do think that right intention is being used because they killed 4500 of our citizens and all we are doing is wiping out terrorism not necessarily killing any people. We as a country just want to out do the terrorist actions and bring peace to all countries. The Fifth Law Probability of Success, yes I think that the probability of success is greater than the probability of success for the terrorists. The probability of success against terrorism is greater to prevail because the United States and Britain are just taking the initial step and if any thing goes wrong the United States has 90% of the other countries around the world to help us if we need them.

The Sixth Law Proportionality is being put in effect that they keep the civilian casualties down to a minimum because that is not the purpose of the war and after the war the will have out done evil and the good and peaceful will prevail.

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The Seventh Law Last Resort was used before we started the actual combat and missal bombings. The United States gave the Taliban a list of Terrorists that they wanted and told them to turn of Osama Bin Laden and they didn’t so the last resort was to bring this to war.

Explain Just War Theory - Essay

Just War theory is a notion that involves issues of justice in philosophical, political and religious aspects. The notion generally refers not only for obtaining the answer whether the war is just, but also in order to understand why wars are generally fought. The foundation of this theory goes back to ancient times, to be more exact to Ancient Greece.

In modern sense Just War theory means that was by itself has no negative meaning and can be even just and have positive side at certain conditions.


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People percept war as something destructive, taking lives and bringing sorrow, tears and grief. This theory emphasizes not on the destructive side of the war, but on the justifiable and unjustifiable use of forces in it. It is more about reaching particular goals and means that are used in it.

According to the Just War theory war cannot always be just. It can be so, when it meets several criteria. I would like to discuss three of them, which are the most interesting to my opinion. The first one refers to the case when force is involved for punishment of those who have done something wrong, for correction of those people deeds. To my opinion this argument is not natural from the point of view that bad things generate use of force, which is wrong as well, and there is no place for mercy, forgiveness and love. Remains just an aggression.

The second one refers to the notion that just properly informed public authorities can use force in accordance to their views. My personal opinion that empowerment of public authorities may lead to confusion. As use of force involves many lives as those who will be going to struggle and those who will protect themselves, and giving many people’s lives into hand of one group of authorities, who just take the decision and may not fully take the responsibility, is not correct.

The third one is about last resort case, when force is used just when all other peaceful means are used and depleted. This argument seems to me rather controversial, as I cannot evaluate it objectively, and each separate case should be viewed and estimated. Probably this is the only argument that I can accept, but only upon certain circumstances.

There are also three key elements that just war should contain: discrimination, proportionality and minimum force. Discrimination refers to directing force to the militaries only and not involving civilians. Proportionality refers to the ration of used force to what was done wrong. Minimum force is clear, as it refers to limiting of people deaths and destruction.

In general I would like summarize that evil presumes evil only. It is well-known phrase. But I stand for the notion that each side should take the responsibility for their own actions and understand all consequences of any of them. I am against violence and I think that any use of force cannot be justified, as not everything during war time can be controlled and innocent people can die, and I am for love, peace and prosperity!

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