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Muhammad Ali Biography Essay Example

Muhammad Ali

I have seen his movie and I have seen some of his greatest fights on TV. I’m talking about Muhammad Ali, born in the United States he grew up to be one of the greatest boxer of our time.

As any man, the man evolved and changed his beliefs and his name to be a Muslim and Muhammad Ali respectively. But generally he continued to be the greatest in the ring entertaining millions on TV through his smart fighting moves. His choice of new name “Muhammad Ali” in my opinion says it all about the pride and confidence of this man, in the Muslim world the name Muhammad is significant with great admiration because it carries the connotations of the Muhammad the prophet.

I was born almost four decades later then him and therefore we certainly not in the same generation, but I heard about him at my very young age. When I heard about Nelson Mandela I also heard about him, when I heard about Martin Luther King, I also heard about him. I know little about his massive and several victories in the ring but it certainly feels like I was there when people talk about what transpired. I heard he was outspoken and he clashed with the authorities at the time when the Vietnam War was at its height in the Asian Pacific. The story goes that he refused to serve in the arm and go to war in Vietnam and that sound like a bold stand-off. There are many schools of thought as to why Muhammad Ali took this decision that was to put him at odds with the patriotic Americans. It seems the man won that round too! He did not go to war.

Well history judge us by the things we have done while living and certainly Muhammad Ali did made history in his boxing career and shape the sport. Now old and fragile, his ravaged by Parkinson Disease, the fight he has not managed to win in decades now. This is the fight that the world and the medical community as a whole together with Mohammad Ali are fighting. We are with you Ali on this fight, you are used to 15 heavyweight rounds but no matter how many rounds this will take, humanity will eventually win just like your will and spirit took you to be amongst the greatest heavyweight champions ever lived.


Muhammad Ali was one of America’s greatest 20th-century boxers and athletes. Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky. He started fighting at the age of 12 after his bicycle was stolen. Under the guidance of Joe Martin, Clay became an explosive boxer and won six Kentucky Gold Gloves during high school. In 1960, Clay won a gold medal in the Olympics at Rome, Italy.

The Louisville Lip

Clay then turned professional under the guidance of Angelo Dundee and became famous for his unorthodox style. Ali tirelessly promoted himself and earned the nickname the “Louisville Lip” for statements such as “I am the Greatest,” and “I’m young, I’m pretty, I’m fast, and no one can beat me.” From 1960–1963, Cassius Clay was 19–0 with 15 knockouts. On February 25, 1964, Clay defeated Sonny Liston and won the World Heavyweight Championship.

A Boxing Immortal Changes his Name

In 1965, Clay joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. Ali defended his championship for the next several years, winning many matches with a breathtaking combination of speed and power. In 1967, however Ali was stripped of his championship for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. Ali immediately became a controversial figure and was the subject of outrage for many Americans. Although Ali lost his title to Joe Frazier in 1971, he cemented his title as “The Greatest” by outdueling George Foreman in 1974 in “The Rumble in the Jungle.” In 1975, Ali defeated Joe Frazier in “The Thrilla in Manila.” In one of the best fights in boxing history, Ali won by TKO after the 14th round. In 1981, Ali retired with a career record of 56–5 with 37 knockouts.

After Boxing

In 1984, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which would eventually confine him to a wheelchair and make it hard for him to communicate. Ali died on June 3, 2016.



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