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Write An Essay On E-Commerce

Essay on The Internet and the Power of E-Commerce

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The Power of E-Commerce

The Industrial Revolution changed the face of the business world. In much the same way the Internet Revolution has changed the business world; its impact has ricocheted to every corner of the world. The internet revolution gave birth to an electronic economy. Ecommerce has seen tremendous growth in the last years, its effects are countless. Ecommerce has allowed for the expansion and proliferation of a globalized economy, it has made transactions easier and more efficient, it has benefited the consumer by passing on tremendous savings and it offers little or no barriers thus allowing anyone to participate and benefit.


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EBay is versatile and can meet everyone's needs. EBay is just one of the many examples of ecommerce success. Another success story is Amazon.com, which dominates internet sales and has quickly become the biggest and most trusted online outlet. Though it was originally developed as an online bookstore it has developed to become an online department store. Amazon.com was launched in 1997 and in 1998 it surpassed $1 Billion in sales (Weisman), its growth has been overwhelming through the years but though it posted high revenues it did not report profit until 2002, five years after launching (CNN Money). Amazon's success is in part due to its brand building strategy along with its world domination strategy. Although revenue was always constant from the beginning the company spent more money then they made trying to grow the business, increasing existing operations and expanding into new markets (Wired News). It is this brand building and global domination that has put Amazon.com on the map and has made it a trusted name.


Business to Business ecommerce (B2B) is the most profitable division of ecommerce (Enos). B2B commerce is the practice of businesses selling to other businesses (Brain). Suppliers who supply stores, manufacturers who provide to suppliers, all the transactions and processes that need to happen before products get to consumers (Traver). Although not the most profitable aspect of ecommerce Business to Consumer ecommerce (B2C) is the

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E-Commerce and Online Shopping

E commerce is the easiest, most convenient way of conducting business over the internet for business professionals and individuals. Conducting business over the internet is simply visiting specific websites, also referred to as surfing the web, for online shopping or business related matters. E commerce is defined as any kind of transaction performed over the internet where there is an exchange of money for goods or services. A transaction like that is paid for through the use of a credit card. E commerce occurs when individuals use the internet by visiting websites for online shopping of goods or services. It also occurs when business professionals surf the web to conduct business with other business professionals.

There is a close analogy between a website that sells woman’s clothing and a store at the mall that also sells woman’s clothing, here referred to as an online store. One of the differences between a retail store and an online store is that while the store has limited hours of operation, an online store is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. One similarity between an online store and a retail store is that a shopper gets to puts his or her merchandise in a shopping bag before checking out or before paying for the merchandise. Finally, one other difference between a retail store and an online store is that a retail store offers a shopper more options of payment while an online store requires a payment by a credit card only.

Although there are several advantages to buying women’s clothing online, there are also a few drawbacks. For example, an online female shopper who is looking for fashionable female clothing is not able to try the clothing on. There is one particular website I am thinking of and this website’s address is net-a-porter.com. This is a website that features women’s jeans. This website displays different kinds of expensive jeans in various colors and styles. There is plenty to choose from for someone with a decent budget. Also, the pictures of these jeans are clear and distinct. However, one major disadvantage of this website is that it does not feature real time models. An online female shopper who is about to spend a pretty buck on these jeans would surely like to see how these jeans look on a female frame. In my opinion, this website could be improved if real time models were displayed modeling these jeans. A female shopper who has the kind of money to buy these expensive jeans would not want to throw her money away if upon receiving the jeans they would not fit properly.

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