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Colorado Boulder Housing Assignments

Students may request a room change both before and after move-in. Before move-in, log in to myCULiving, select Room Change Request and follow the provided steps. 

Room Change Timelines

Before Occupancy 

  • Two housing change processes: April 23-27 and July 2-6
  • Submit your request through the myCULiving
  • Limited to two halls/room types
  • Random selection process
  • Results sent out one week after process closes (May 4 and July 13)
  • A move is not guaranteed

After Occupancy

  • Waitlists open August 29
  • Submit your request through the myCULiving
  • Limited to two halls/room types
  • Offered moves on a first come, first serve basis
  • Offer sent via email as soon as space is available
  • A move is not guaranteed, nor is the expected timing of a move offer

Before Occupancy Room Change Details

  • Room change requests are processed before move-in for eligible students (those with official hall/RAP assignments) only during the timelines listed above 
  • Students may request two hall/RAP eligible preferences and two room style preferences. We recommend putting two different room types that are affordable. You will have up to two preference options, but are not required to submit two
  • You will not be contacted prior to a move. Once you submit a request, you will either stay in your current assignment or, if you are selected for a room change, you will be assigned to a new space based on the information in your request
  • Room changes will not include roommates. If you are assigned a new multi-person room, you will also be assigned new roommates
  • Assignment letters are final and inform you if you were moved or not
  • If you submit during the April process and don't receive a change, you may resubmit during July
  • As many requests as possible are accommodated, however, participation in the room change process does not guarantee a room change

Living On Campus

On-Campus Housing is required for all first-year freshman.

  • If you want to learn more about the housing assignment or roommate selection timeline, please visit the housing Application Timeline page.
  • Students will also have access to a variety of meal plan options, make sure they choose the one that fits them best.
  • Students will need to complete the housing application to select residence hall and meal plan preferences.
  • Make sure to check out the Move-In Guide before you come to campus!
  • Every residence hall has laundry facilities.
  • For questions about on-campus housing, students can contact the Office of Occupancy Management at studenthousing@colorado.edu or 303-492-7260. 
  • Students can opt into Residential Experience programs including Residential Academic Programs (RAPs), First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs), and Living & Learning Communities (LLCs). RAPs, FIGs and LLCs are listed on the housing website as Residence Hall Experiences.

Living Off Campus

Off-Campus housing is an option for incoming transfer students. Meal plans are also available to students living off-campus.

Important Campus Information:

  • A Buff OneCard, which is your student’s campus identification card and RTD pass.
  • To travel around campus and Boulder, which is often done by bike, bus or car. Your student can get more information by visiting Parking & Transportation Services.
  • To pre-order, purchase, and rent textbooks through the CU Bookstore.
  • A personal computer. CU Boulder strongly recommends students bring a personal computer to campus if it is financially feasible. Students can also:
Tip: Have your student apply for housing as early as possible. Applying early will help better your student's chances at being assigned to one of their preferred residence halls.
Tip: Is your student dealing with roommate issues or homesickness? Learn how to support them. 

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