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Sony Swot Analysis Essays

Sony Ericsson Swot Analysis

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Sony Ericsson SWOT Analysis Strength
Diversity among products.
Sony as a brand name.

Lack in understanding Customer Preferences
Less technology advancement
Lack of user centered designs.
Lack of Brand awareness globally

Mobile phones market in developing
High % of young market
Strong Customer demand for innovative product
High Disposable income in emerging markets.
Network capabilities and low tariff of service providers.

Landline penetration and introduction of Sky phones for rural areas.
Intense competition.
Bargaining power of consumers.

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy
Key marketing strategies which are identified:-
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The Card tiering will be contingent on the points accumulated. Sony customer care service centers promise a one-day maximum period within which to respond to queries. Taking advantage of the client contact which this entails, service representatives handling repairs may extend the option of loaning temporary units at a nominal charge until the user's phone has been completely repaired. Future Tech will also provide assistance to clients who need to retrieve data or contact numbers from damaged units. These servicing station should be very visible and in major outlets as well.


For Sony Ericsson to boost it’s the corporate identity, it is recommended the re-branding of mobile phones under the umbrella brand, "Sony." The concept is similar to that utilized by Motorola (Moto-Razor, Moto-Flip, etc.).
This strategy will help leverage upon the existing strong brand equity of
Sony in the "appliance" industry, as well as its reputation for product innovation.). This not only reinforces the existing brand awareness of Sony but also tells customers about what advantages Sony Ericsson mobile phones are capable of bringing to them.
It is proposed to establish strategic partnerships that will help Sony Ericsson reach the primary target market as well as the secondary

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Sony Erricsson Strategy Analysis Essay

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HISTORY OF SONY ERRICSSON (Graphics not available) The company started in October 2001 with the 50-50 collaboration of two major companies Sony corporation, the consumer electronic power house and telecommunication leader Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. Being headquartered in London and research and development based in Sweden the company has gone global in short span of time to more than 80 countries being the fifth largest company in the world for mobile handsets manufacturing, The company is owned equally by Ericsson and Sony and announced its first joint products in March 2002. As being one of the largest company in mobile manufacturing company expects to acquire the third position in the world for mobile manufacturing. Sony Ericsson…show more content…

Resources and competences of Sony Ericsson:- Ericsson Mobility World Competence Solutions was designed with Sony Ericsson phones in mind and its training includes programming technologies and platforms such for various means such as MMS, J2ME, XHTML and Symbian OS, and business management such as revenue sharing and establishing business models. "MMS development is especially popular right now," Peder Laitamaa, strategic product manager at Ericsson, says. "And Ericsson has the experience through its infrastructure, platforms and close cooperation with developers to offer such in-depth training." They range various downloadable courses to several days training in a live or virtual classroom these courses are offered online at Ericsson training centre or at customers premises. Sony Ericsson’s resources are basically from China and Japan as per the company reports loss in third quarter of 2008 but still in the condition to compete as they have not bared the loss expected due to demand of low price mobiles in the market. The volume growth of 59% year on year the loss of 25 million Euros as compared to 72 million Euros predicted by analysts, the company also blames the fluctuating exchange rates as a reason for loss. Sony Ericsson forecasts that the global handset market for 2008 will grow at a rate of around

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