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Architectural Case Study Analysis Paper

This paper is an educational model of behavioral and functional aspects of architecture that based on the analytical study of native architecture. The main approach of this paper is the impact of human lifestyle on his functions and architecture. The case study of research is sedentary Qashqai tribe housing in southern Iran. The reason of choosing this case is the course of the life history of Qashqai migrant tribe. In this case, there is a potential study of architectural change progress from immigration to sedentary lifestyle that shows the human constant function in the variable physical framework. This study has been done by the aim of teaching behavioral and functional aspects of architecture for architecture audience that could be found in native architecture. In addition, practical aspects of this research have been considered in architectural design and architects in future career. The research method is qualitative research method that includes observing the exact behavior in natural and built environments by field studies. In field studies, two nomadic villages and examples of rural houses have been studied. Research instruments include in-depth interviews, taking pictures, architectural plans and models of human activities. The survey data is analyzed and presented in functional diagrams of the human domain, multi-functional space diagrams and diagrams of human settlement patterns. The main finding of this research is an approach to the field of education of architecture functional and behavioral aspects. In this field, architecture audiences are taught with the main architecture aspects such as human behavior and activities. The study recommended the architecture need to a deep and lasting education through the analysis of concrete experiences of man-made environment. Native man-made environments have a good quality for teaching fundamental aspects of the architecture. Also, the results of this research have a basic ability of architecture and urban design for the sedentary nomads.

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