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Brainstorming Is A Good Way To Start The _____ Stage Of A Reflective Essay

110.Refer to Rapala. The degree to which the newest lures are perceived as superior to earlier models refers to their _____, a characteristic used to predict the rate of adoption.a.trialabilityb.observabilityc.relative advantaged.differentiation capabilitye.complexityANS: CRelative advantage is the degree to which a product is perceived as superior to existing substitutes.PTS:1REF:188OBJ:11-4TOP:AACSB Reflective ThinkingKEY:CB&E Model ProductMSC:BLOOMS Level III Application111.Refer to Rapala. Fishing lures are most likely in the _____ stage of their product life cycle.PTS:1REF:191OBJ:11-5TOP:AACSB Reflective ThinkingKEY:CB&E Model ProductMSC:BLOOMS Level III ApplicationNARRBEGIN: Going to the DogsGoing to the DogsDemand for pet services is greatly increasing across the United States. In fact, Americans will spend nearly $44 billion dollars on their pets this year. Many American dog owners are seeking out “doggy day cares” that are more like a resort or spa than an ordinary kennel for their canine companion. Day care services for dogs now include toy rooms, outside play areas, doggie massages, treadmills, swim-ming pools, and cushy beds for nap time. Pet owners can watch their pets via a webcam, and some

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