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E Teacher Edition Math Expressions Homework

Math Expressions


With the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, the district recently adopted the Math Expressions resources for grades K-5. Math Expressions is a comprehensive, standards-based K-5 mathematics resource that offers a balanced approach to teaching and learning mathematics. Math Expressions uses manipulatives, visual models, conceptual language, and real-world situations to help students build deep mathematical understanding.

What does Math Expressions look like in the classroom?

Structures of the Program:

Quick Practice – Involves whole-class responses or individual partner practice and is frequently led by student leaders.

Student Leaders – Teachers facilitate students' growth by helping all students take on leadership roles with structured practice activities.

Building Concepts – Objects, drawings, conceptual language, and real-world situations strengthen mathematical ideas and understanding.

Math Talk – Students explain thinking using drawings that support understandings and promote meanings.

Helping Community – A classroom in which everyone is both a teacher and a learner to enhance mathematical understanding, competence, and confidence.



Math Expressions Parent Information



For more information on the Common Core Learning Standards, click here.

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